“I just got my garden all planted and now I am looking to either put down mulch or rock. How do I go about figuring this out?” ~Tori

Well Tori, here at Garden Crossings we have a feature that will help you with an answer to your question. If you go to our Mulch & Soil Calculator it will do all the math for you. You will need to know how big your garden is, the length and width, or the diameter of a circle.  Just simply put the dimensions in and decide how thick you would like the mulch/rock spread and the Mulch & Soil Calculator will give you the results. If you have the ability to trailer your load in we can tell you how many yards you need. Or if you need to go to the local store and pick up bags we will tell you how many bags you need. We hope that you find our Mulch & Soil Calculator helpful in maintaining your garden. Let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.

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