Brunnera macrophylla ‘King’s Ransom’

Once the bright blue Forget Me Not  flowers start to appear you will not forget that summer is near!

Brunnera macrophylla 'King's Ransom'1x1 (Heartleaf Brunnera) Brunnera ‘King’s Ransom’ PPAF have a creamy yellow margin on it’s leaves with a light “frosting” over the remainder of the leaves giving the plant a silver and gold appearance. Dainty blue flowers float above the plant in the spring as the leaf margins lighten to a creamy white. ‘King’s Ransom’ PPAF is jointly introduced by Terra Nova and Walters Gardens, Inc. Its size makes it the perfect choice for combination containers as well as for mass plantings.

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Brunnera ‘King’s Ransom’ is a woodland plant that should be grown in shaded areas where the soil is rich and consistently moist. In northern climates, morning sun is acceptable as long as the soil do not dry out. Very little care is needed once Brunnera is established. Old foliage should be cut back in the spring rather than in the fall. The old foliage will help to protect the plant during the winter months. A winter mulch is also recommended. Propagation is by division

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