Bonanza™ Clematis ‘Evipo 031’

Bonanza™ Clematis 'Evipo 03 1x1 soso

I always love it when the Clematis start to bloom. You see pictures of them, but like the note says, colors may vary depending on environment. I always like to see what they truly look like in my area. So many times the actual plant is so much nicer than what the pictures show. What I liked better about Clematis Bonanza than what I had seen in pictures was the shape of the flower. It was a much softer looking circle that I had expected and also the flower was bigger than I had thought. I really was quite impressed with what I had seen. Bonanza™ Clematis is a newly developed clematis and part of “The Festoon Collection”. This new Evison/Poulsen clematis is extremely free flowering from late June through September. Bred for excellent disease resistance. Bonanza™ presents flowers that are mauve-blue with pale yellow anthers and are 3″ in size. Do not underestimate the flower power of this variety because of the smaller flower size!

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