Bijou™ Clematis

cle bojou 1x1 mass

My first thoughts on  Bijou™ Clematis were that I really did not know if this would be a popular item. After all people buy Clematis to climb trellises, walls, fences, and any other things. I really thought that the whole point of a Clematis was for it to be a climber. Well I was wrong! People are loving Bijou™ Clematis! The short nature of this plant is opening up many other options as to what to do with Clematis. I really for see this being a great ground cover. When Bijou™ started to bloom in the greenhouse(picture above) the mass of cover that was just a few inches above the pot was amazing! I can only imagine what this will look like as a front border to my garden. Simply amazing.

(Clematis) Bijou™ Clematis, a new dwarf Clematis, is very free flowering and packs a big punch for such a short plant. The violet/mauve pointed petals bloom from May-July and keep their shape well. Bijou™ makes for a great container plant, or put it in the ground for a nice mounding ground cover.

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