Container gardening lets you explore your creative side while offering versatility. Chose your favorite size, shape, and color container and fill it from a large selection of plants available for your choosing. Annuals, perennials, and even fruits and vegetables will fulfill your gardening wishes. Plants are available for sun or shade and with the option of decorating for the changing seasons your containers can provide year round appeal. Containers may be placed on decks and patios or along sidewalks and driveways. Containers may be grouped, placed in the landscape, or as container hanging baskets to be hung from your home or decorative plant hangers. Container gardening works well for large or small spaces, city environments or urban areas. Have fun. The possibilities are endless! Garden Crossings can answer your questions, provide combination ideas, and offers a large selection of plants. Check out our web site or stop in and see us at the garden center.

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