One persons trash is another one’s treasure. That is a motto that I live by. I love to look at garage sales, thrift stores and even have been known to pick up goodies that people have set out for the garbage man. A recent treasure that I found was a bike cart that is used to pull small children in behind a bike. The kids had been playing with it pulling each other around and then I saw them hauling wood in it. That gave me an idea… why not load bark into it for barking the gardens.  What a great idea that was!!! It sets lower to the ground than a wheel barrow making it easier to load from a trailer. The two wheels made it more stable so it did not tip over. And it was MUCH better than scooping one shovel full at a time!  Not only does my arms and back not hurt as much but I was able to get the job done sooo much faster!!!  My advise… look for trash, that can become a real treasure!


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