Rhubarb ‘Canada Red’

Last weekend we picked our 87 year old grandma up to walk through the greenhouses. And on our walk she saw the ‘Canada Red’ Rhubarb and reminded us of last year when she got to pick some when it was ripe. All she could talk about was how good and sweet the Rhubarb sauce was that she had made. So in a few months the time will be here again that grandma will be making Rhubarb sauce. Oh the joys of Spring!

(Rhubarb) Rhubarb ‘Canada Red‘ is Great for PIES! Naturally Sweet n’ Red! It features juicy stalks that are cherry-red clear through. It keeps its color when cooked. Stalks are high in sugar and tender with no need to peel. Plants are hardy perennials and suitable for northern zones, very easy to grow and trouble free. One plant of ‘Canada Red’ will supply you with enough fruit for many pies and jam. Its pucker-power is exactly what makes rhubarb the world’s favorite pie plant.

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