Clematis ‘Blue Angel’

Clematis ‘Blue Angel’ is one of my personal favorite Clematis. I love the ruffled edges on this clematis, and also the fact that it is a very strong bloomer. I have this mixed in with a few other clematis on my trellis and this one by far has taken over and steals the show.

(Clematis) Clematis ‘Blue Angel’ is a heavenly beauty whose ruffled petals are sky blue along the edges and get lighter towards the center. The bright yellow stamens contrast nicely with the silky blue 6″ flowers. It is a prolific bloomer and a Garden Crossings’ favorite! ‘Blue Angel’ is in prune Group 3 which means prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems. Varieties within this group flower on the new season’s growth.

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