Big Bang™ Series Coreopsis ‘Full Moon’

This Coreopsis has unbelievable flowering ability!!! The mass of yellow blooms are everywhere and blooms from midsummer until frost. I like to plant this in mass from for a huge show of color.

(Tickseed) Big Bang™ Series Coreopsis ‘Full Moon’ PP19,364 is being introduced as the first plant in the Big Bang™ series, after years of breeding several different species. This exciting new variety exhibits disease resistant foliage that is topped with hundreds of huge 3 inch canary-yellow flowers. Coreopsis has long been a favorite in perennial gardens and this new hybrid could be the best one ever! Big Bang™ Series Coreopsis ‘Full Moon’ PP19,364 makes an impressive mound of color from midsummer until frost. Coreopsis is native to North America. Therefore, it is easy to grow, thriving in any well-drained soil and full sun. Once established, it is rather drought tolerant. Deadheading will promote continuous blooming.

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