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Gaillardia aristata ‘Lucky Wheeler’

(Blanket Flower) Similar to ‘Fancy Wheeler’, Gaillardia aristata ‘Lucky Wheeler’ PPAF produces 2″ wide red and yellow blooms but has fluted flower petals. With a compact petite habit, ‘Lucky Wheeler’ PPAF blooms prolifically from early summer to early fall. Heat tolerant Gaillardia are well adapted to poor soil and receive their name from the manner in which they used to “blanket” the prairies of North America.


Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar Berberis


Recently when I was walking through the greenhouses I saw some wonderful fall colors developing on many of our shrub varieties. One that really struck and amazed me at how much the color changed was the Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar Berberis. In the summer this Pillar has yellow foliage and the bright reds and oranges that developed for the fall were simply wonderful.

(Barberry) Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar Berberis is another outstanding Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrub that is a must have for every landscape. Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar is similar in shape to ‘Helmond Pillar’, but with bright golden foliage and red new growth. The 3-4′ pillars of gold provide great garden architecture and look stunning in autumn as the foliage turns a blazing orange-red. It will not burn like other yellow leaved barberry.


Color brings excitement and creativity to container gardening. Use color to create impact, complement décor, and catch the eye of the viewer. If your color combination’s seem to fall a little “flat” you can take a little help from the color wheel available at your garden center or an art and craft store.

Reds, oranges, and yellows are warm colors while greens, blues, and violets are cool colors. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel are complementary. Analogous colors are those that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Monochromatic designs use different intensities of one color. Different shades of green can serve as a serene backdrop or pop a design with its bright color. Chose combination’s that will contrast to give a pop or create harmony to make a calm, tranquil display.

Play with colors for your mixed containers. There are guidelines to help but ultimately if you are pleased with your combination’s that is all that matters. Use the guidelines, create your own, or “borrow” ideas that will create container combination’s that make you happy!