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Winter Hanging Basket


Winter Basket How To…

So Winter is here and you may think what do I do with my empty hanging baskets? My answer is  ” Well fill them, of course!” Just because it is to cold out for live plants that does not mean that you baskets need to go empty all winter.( If you choose to do nothing with your baskets, please do your gardening neighbors a favor and dump the dead annuals in the trash) Here I have gathered a few items from my garden to fill this basket. I have taken a few pictures along the way to show you how to make your ‘planting’ go a little easier and also help keep the ingredients from blowing away in the harsh winter breeze.



Lightly line your basket with dirt

Layer your pine boughs over the dirt

Wearing rubber gloves, spray some "Great Stuff" in the middle

As you add in Red Twigs and Hydrangea spray some more great stuff in the middle. After the foam has been sprayed i recommend breaking some pine needles off extra branches to cover up the foam.

Once you design is complete, let it set as the foam dries. The foam should hold all your decor together to withstand the winter elements.