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Keep in mind that your beautiful combination containers are really small scale gardens. Healthy plants, good quality potting soil, and fertilizer are great garden starters but with a little tender care your containers will remain healthy and gorgeous all season long.

Observe your containers regularly. Don’t forget to take down your hanging baskets to take a look inside. Some birds seem to think they are great nesting sites! Check the undersides of leaves and stem branches for bugs and insects. Remove any bugs you see and if necessary consult with your local garden retailer with any questions. Clean out any dead foliage to prevent rot and try to avoid excessive wet foliage and poor air movement to keep your plants healthy. Deadheading or cutting off spent flowers will improve the look of your plants and promote developing new flowers.

Most plants tolerate and even benefit from pruning and trimming. As the season progresses more vigorous plants can be trimmed back to blend in better and any untidy growth may be removed. A fresh reshaping of your planter will improve the look of your design and a healthy trim will produce a thicker, more lush new growth. Taller varieties of plants may also benefit from staking to improve the form of your combination containers. With a little TLC you can enjoy a full season of fantastic container gardens!