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Snowstorm® Blue Sutera

bac snowstorm bluw 1x1

(Bacopa) Snowstorm® Blue Sutera features small blue flowers that appear all season. This Proven Winners® Bacopa is a strong trailing plant that trails up to 36″ and makes a great filler in your plant combination’s. Mix Snowstorm® Blue with Geraniums and Verbena to make a great hanging basket or combo container.


Callie® White w/ Rose Vein Calibrachoa

callie white witrh rose vien 1x1

I have found myself using Callie® White w/ Rose Vein Calibrachoa quite frequently in the combination planters that I have been planting for myself. I really think that the bright pink veining is really brought out when planted with Geranium Americana® Violet or another Geranium in the pinks family. I often then accent the combination with a Purple Verbena such as Lanai® Blue Denim. I have said it before and I will say it again I really love the way the Callie® Calibrachoas perform, they are very showy and produce a ton of flowers that make a huge impact!


Superbells® Red Calibrachoa

I love the intense red color of Superbells Red when planted in my hanging baskets. It is a heavy bloomer that trails nicely over the sides of my baskets. I enjoy mixing Verbena Dark Blue and Strawburst™ Yellow Bracteantha with the Red for a vivid color combination.

(Million Bells) Superbells® Red Calibrachoa is a strong performer in the Calibrachoa family. The deep red color is striking and makes a nice patriotic planter when planted with white and blue. Superbells® Red is one of P. Allen Smith’s Proven Winners® “Hot 25” picks for 2010.