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With careful planning and a good understanding of proportion and vigor your container combination’s will be eye catching and demand further examination. Your plants should have similar growth habits so that dominate plants won’t overtake those with much slower growth habits.

It is good to consider the maximum height of your plant in proportion to your container size. Low growing plants in a large tall container may not give the proper proportion you desire. Think thrillers, fillers, and spillers in proportion to your containers. A thriller is the tall center showpiece with medium height fillers around it. Spiller plants will trail down the edges of your container.

Texture is another dimension in container gardening. Texture adds movement and interest to containers. Grasses and lacy foliage are just a few possibilities. Texture will encourage the viewer to want to touch and admire your combination containers.

Plant placement may be determined on how your container will be displayed. Will it be seen from all sides or will it be set against a wall or fence? Your garden center professional is available to help and answer all your questions.