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Actaea pachypoda ‘Misty Blue’

Actaea "Misty Blue"

The beautiful spray of color Actaea ‘Misty Blue’ showered over the greenhouse this past week as I was walking through was amazing. The airy Blue Green Foliage with the wispy white flowers were simply stunning. One note of caution the fruits on this plants are extremely poisonous if ingested -Heidi

(Baneberry-White) Actaea ‘Misty Blue’ is a shade loving native woodland perennial that is named for its delicate blue-green foliage. Clusters of small white flowers float above the foliage from late spring to early summer. In autumn the flowers develop into panicles of eye-catching white fruit which are borne on red pedicels. ‘Misty Blue’ is a low maintenance, long-lived perennial.


Heuchera ‘Miracle’

Heuchera 'Miracle' Photo Property of Garden Crossings

(Coral Bells) Heuchera ‘Miracle‘ is a hot new variety that truly is a miracle in Heuchera breeding! The plant goes through several changes in leaf coloration throughout the seasons. In the spring, the young foliage is chartreuse with a heavy smattering of reddish purple in the center. As the foliage matures, it turns brick red with a bright chartreuse to gold edge and silvered undersides. Try planting near a walkway or in a container where passerby’s can enjoy its beauty up close. Heuchera ‘Miracle‘ is a very good grower that is tolerant of high heat and humidity!


Coleus Kong™ Rose

Coleus 'Kong Rose'

(Coleus) Kong™ Rose Solenostemon is a great accent plant, this well branched, mounding plant creates beautiful containers and landscapes. Kong™ displays extremely large leaves and unique patterns.


Charmed® Wine Oxalis

Oxalis 'Charmed Wine' Shamrock

(Shamrock) Charmed® Wine Oxalis has violet, shamrock-shaped leaves that are graced with dainty white flowers. Charmed® Wine makes a great statement in shady areas. Oxalis is also adaptable as a house plant for year around enjoyment.

Charmed Wine in Combination with Coleus


Winter Jewels™ ‘Onyx Odyssey’ Helleborus

(Lenten Rose) Winter Jewels™ Series Helleborus ‘Onyx Odyssey‘ is a dramatic and elegant beauty. Her flowers are slate purple to near black in color with 15-20 petals per each large 3″ bloom. The foliage of Winter Jewels™ SeriesOnyx Odyssey‘ emerges purple in early spring and matures to a lovely shade of green. A unique addition to any garden!