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Empress™ Clematis ‘Evipo 011’

clematis empress 1x1

This is the first time that I have actually seen Empress™ Clematis ‘Evipo 011‘ bloom. I was amazed at how beautiful it was! I took this picture and then went back 3 days later and the center antlers were opened up even more and I was even more amazed by its beauty and size of the bloom!

Empress™ Clematis is a charming clematis that will impress with a profusion of pink. This vine produces large double flowers that have pink petals with darker pink center bars. The inner petals sprout spiky pink “hair” and the plant blooms from May through June and again in August. Empress™ is a compact, free-flowering plant that displays well in containers.

Empress™ is part of Prune Group 2 which means- Prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems. Early flowers appear on the previous season’s growth while late summer flowers appear on new growth.