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Paeonia ‘Bartzella’

A Garden Crossings new introduction for 2012, Peony Bartzella is really showing its colors.  The butter yellow, 8″ double blooms load this beautiful plant full of color. Peony Bartzella has an extra long bloom time, the plants send out new growth from the side creating more blooms for later blooming.  Bartzella is a  new cross of the herbaceous garden peony with the woody tree peonies. Due to this excellent breeding, staking is NOT needed. ‘Bartzella‘ would be a great choice for landscape design because of its tidy habit.


Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Hanakisoi’ Tree Peony

A beautiful, ruffly pink beauty, has been born.

tree peony Hanakisoi 1x1

Paeonia ‘Hanakisoi’ features enormous apricot-pink semi double blooms in late spring. The beautiful flowers are fragrant and elegantly ruffled. ‘Hanakisoi‘ is wonderful as a cut flower! Tree Peonies differ from garden peonies in that they have a woody stem like a shrub. The woody branches do not die back to the ground in the winter and should not be trimmed back.