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Pennisetum messiacum ‘Red Bunny Tails’

Pennisetum 'Red Bunny Tails'

Pennisetum messiacum ‘Red Bunny Tails‘ adds constant movement to your gardens and containers with it’s fluffy burgundy red plumes that blow gently in the breeze. The burgundy green foliage stands 18’36” tall and grows best in the full sun. ‘Red bunny Tails’ is a tender perennial grass (zone 7-11). This drought tolerant grass would make a wonderful addition to your garden.


Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’

(Fountain Grass) Pennisetum ‘Fireworks‘ is a refreshing new look to an old time favorite ornamental grass! ‘Fireworks‘ is the first variegated purple fountain grass. Each leaf includes various shades of pink, burgundy and purple with a little white thrown in for contrast. Since ‘Fireworks’ is a sport of Pennisetum ‘Rubrum‘, it will also look great as a center piece in combination containers. In the garden or landscape, plant it with red or purple plants such as Pennisetum ‘Princess’ PP17,728.