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Gaillardia grandiflora ‘Fanfare’

Just 1 little flower is showing its face. It is quite a bit early for Gaillardia to be blooming but I thought why not post it, it is a reminder that summer is coming. Gaillardia  ‘Fanfare’ is typically a mid summer bloomer. Gaillardia is an excellent new perennial that thrives in hot and dry conditions. Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’ PP15,892 is one of the most popular new perennials on the market! The unique scarlet petals flare out like trumpets with bright yellow tips. The fanfare of flowers continues from early June through late fall! ‘Fanfare’ PP15,892 displays a wonderful compact form and is very floriferous.

gaillardia fanfare 1x1


Iris germanica ‘Savannah Sunset’

iris savana sunset 1x1

German Iris

Bearded Iris can be grown in containers for indoor or outdoor uses. The flowers are commonly used as dried flowers or in cut flower arrangements. These tough plants are also resistant to various critters including deer and rabbits.(Bearded Iris – Tall) Iris ‘Savannah Sunset’ is on fire!!! Glowing orange self with tangerine beards. ‘Savannah Sunset’ has excellent bloom power. Each stem has 8-10 buds and blooms for an unusually long time. Very Hot!!