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Graceful Grasses® Scirpus cernus ‘Fiber Optic Grass’

scirpus fiber optic grass 1x1Fiber Optic Grass‘ has proven to be a real head turner. Over the past few weeks we have had a few tour groups come through, and every time we walk by this Graceful Grass® the ladies always stop and ask “What is that plant?”. I tell them it is a new Proven Winners  plant that Garden Crossings is carrying this year.  The next thing the women say is “I can really see that is a combination Planter!” And I totally agree, I can envision planting petunias or million bells to drape over the container and having the ‘Fiber Optic Grass’ for some height. Graceful Grasses® Scirpus ‘Fiber Optic Grass is part of the Proven Winners® Graceful Grasses® collection. The bright green grass-like plant has small, fluffy, white flowers at the tip which look like fiber optics. Graceful Grasses® ‘Fiber Optic Grass’ does well in almost any location from deep shade to full sun, it prefers a moist location and is an excellent choice near ponds.


Touran™ Neon Rose Saxifraga

If a carpet of early pink color of what you are looking for give Touran™ Neon Rose Saxifraga a try.

Touran™ Neon Rose Saxifraga 1x1

(Saxifraga) Touran™ Neon Rose Saxifraga has an excellent growth habit and grows very well in partially shaded rock gardens. Touran™ Neon Rose requires a cool moist location. It begins flowering in early spring and has a long bloom time. Saxifragas dislikes drought and hot humid environments. Don’t worry about those garden pests, this beauty is deer and rabbit resistant!