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Iris ensata ‘Lion King’

Iris 'Lion King'

Iris Lion King ( Japanese Iris) HUGE!!! Blooms!!! When I was first going through the catalogs browsing some of the new plant selections I really like the look of Iris Lion King. It was a pretty Bi color and we really did not have any Japanese Iris at the time. It was not until this Iris bloomed that I really could enjoy how beautiful this plant is. The blooms are absolutely huge, petals upon petals of this double iris produce 7-8″ blooms! Japanese Iris are one of the later iris’ to bloom extending your Iris season.


Iris germanica ‘Enchanted One’

iris enchanted on 1x1(Bearded Iris ) Iris ‘Enchanted One’ is an enchanting Iris with rich golden yellow standards. The falls are a light orchid lavender with violet veining that is encircled by a gold rim. ‘Enchanted One‘ has a slight sweet fragrance and reblooms in late summer.


Iris germanica ‘Tanzanian Tangerine’

iris taznian tangerine 1x1

(Iris-Tall Bearded) Iris ‘Tanzanian Tangerine’ is a very unique addition. Ruffled, peachy tan flowers have clear standards, but the falls are misted with a fine spray of red wine color. A subtle red wine picotee edge and orange beards complete the look. The colorful mix on ‘Tanzanian Tangerine‘ make this a great choice for your spring garden.

I give this a A+ for color!~ Heidi


Iris germanica ‘Swingtown’

iris swingtown 1x1

(Bearded Iris – Tall) Iris ‘Swingtown’ is a fragrant selection with rich mulberry (deep purple-red) flowers and purple beards. ‘Swingtown’ with its impeccable form and very sturdy, branched stems bear 7-9 buds each


Iris germanica ‘Savannah Sunset’

iris savana sunset 1x1

German Iris

Bearded Iris can be grown in containers for indoor or outdoor uses. The flowers are commonly used as dried flowers or in cut flower arrangements. These tough plants are also resistant to various critters including deer and rabbits.(Bearded Iris – Tall) Iris ‘Savannah Sunset’ is on fire!!! Glowing orange self with tangerine beards. ‘Savannah Sunset’ has excellent bloom power. Each stem has 8-10 buds and blooms for an unusually long time. Very Hot!!