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Sweet Caroline Raven Ipomoea

There’s a new filler in town! Make ‘Sweet Caroline Raven‘ Sweet Potato Vine your go to plant for filling in your annual combinations. For many years the standard filler/spiller has always been Bacopa, Creeping Jenny, Licorice Vine, etc. , while these all make for a great filler, why not try some thing new and different?  ‘Sweet Caroline Raven‘ has gorgeous, lacy, black  leaves that can trail up to 3 foot if you let them. They intermingle well with Supertunias®, Superbells®, Geraniums and almost any other annual you can envision them with. The dark black foliage really makes other colors ‘pop’ from the contrast. Garden Crossings will be using tons of this Sweet Potato Vine in our baskets this year. Below are just a couple examples of combinations we will be using.



Illusion™ Emerald Lace Ipomoea

ipo em lace 1x1

Illusion™ Emerald Lace Ipomoea is not your everyday Sweet Potato vine. This new variety from Proven Winners provides that same great trailing punch with a more delicate feel. Illusion™ Emerald Lace Ipomoea has bright chartreuse fine lace like foliage. Illusion™ Emerald Lace works great in large containers and landscapes. This plant is quite vigorous and nicely trails over in combination planters.