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Superbells™ Lemon Slice

Superbells™ Lemon Slice

A 2013 must have annual! Superbells™ Lemon Slice is a wonderful new addition to the Proven Winners® family of plants. The bi colored, yellow and white flower, is a breeding breakthrough. Lemon Slice is a great choice for combination planters. Mix with Superbells™ White and Ipomoea ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’, together these great plants make “Sugar Cookie” combination!

Superbells™ Lemon Slice has a mounding trailing habit. It stands 8-10 inches tall and can spread  and trail up to 12 inches. Superbells™ prefer to be grown in a full sun to part shade location. Once established they an tolerate a little drought., although we do recommend that you water your plants daily and fertilize every 1-2 weeks during the summer.  Superbells™ Lemon Slice attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The first year out, Superbells™ Lemon Slice has been chosen by P Allen Smith to be a part of his Platinum Collection.




Think Outside the ‘Box’

This photo was sent to me by a fellow gardener and all I could say was ‘wow’! Every year this gardener sends me pictures of her beautiful Pamela Crawford baskets. Typically she plants them up with Superbells® and Supertunia®  for her summer garden, this year was no exception. But when I received this photo in November  I was in awe, she did a follow up Fall planting. Here she used kale, pansies, and cabbage for this great Fall look. The color combination is truly stunning. So my advise to you… just because the planting season seems like it is done, it may have only begun. Make sure when you are ready to be ‘done’ planting for the season, that you ‘Think outside the ‘box’.


Winter Hanging Basket


Winter Basket How To…

So Winter is here and you may think what do I do with my empty hanging baskets? My answer is  ” Well fill them, of course!” Just because it is to cold out for live plants that does not mean that you baskets need to go empty all winter.( If you choose to do nothing with your baskets, please do your gardening neighbors a favor and dump the dead annuals in the trash) Here I have gathered a few items from my garden to fill this basket. I have taken a few pictures along the way to show you how to make your ‘planting’ go a little easier and also help keep the ingredients from blowing away in the harsh winter breeze.



Lightly line your basket with dirt

Layer your pine boughs over the dirt

Wearing rubber gloves, spray some "Great Stuff" in the middle

As you add in Red Twigs and Hydrangea spray some more great stuff in the middle. After the foam has been sprayed i recommend breaking some pine needles off extra branches to cover up the foam.

Once you design is complete, let it set as the foam dries. The foam should hold all your decor together to withstand the winter elements.


Sweet Caroline Raven Ipomoea

There’s a new filler in town! Make ‘Sweet Caroline Raven‘ Sweet Potato Vine your go to plant for filling in your annual combinations. For many years the standard filler/spiller has always been Bacopa, Creeping Jenny, Licorice Vine, etc. , while these all make for a great filler, why not try some thing new and different?  ‘Sweet Caroline Raven‘ has gorgeous, lacy, black  leaves that can trail up to 3 foot if you let them. They intermingle well with Supertunias®, Superbells®, Geraniums and almost any other annual you can envision them with. The dark black foliage really makes other colors ‘pop’ from the contrast. Garden Crossings will be using tons of this Sweet Potato Vine in our baskets this year. Below are just a couple examples of combinations we will be using.



Superbells® Cherry Star Calibrachoa

It was love at first sight when I first layed my eyes upon this new Annual from Proven Winners, Superbells® Cherry Star Calibrachoa. The intense pink color combined with the bright yellow star creates a shocking color combination. Planted alone or in combination, Superbells® Cherry Star is sure to turn a few heads. The mounding trailing habit of Cherry Star makes a statement in hanging baskets, planters and the landscape. Superbells® prefer to be planted in full sun and have well drained soil. To maintain a stunning planting all summer long we recommend using Water soluble fertilizer at least every other week. When your Calibrachoas start to look a little tired, we recommend giving them a slight trim to promote additional branching which will also encourage additional flowers. Try Planting Cherry Star with Ipomoeas, petunias, or other calibrachoa for great combinations.