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Hosta ‘Rhino Hide’

If slugs seem to be winning the battle in your Hosta Garden, we recommend giving Hostas one more try.  Hosta ‘Rhino Hide‘ is as tough as nails!  The thick substance of  ‘Rhino Hide‘ make this a real match for slugs.  The extra thick leaves have extra wide blue margins with a splash of light green up the center.  The leaves are cupped shape, giving this Hosta more dimensional look.  Although ‘Rhino Hide‘ can withstand full sun, it is recommended that it be planted in a more part shade location.  In mid summer watch for the white flowers to emerge.


The unofficial start to summer is now here! Yeah I can hardly believe it. We have had such a slow go at getting started this season with all the rain and cold weather. I think though that now we should have the nicer weather and quite possibly it seems like it is here to stay. With all the nice weather that we have upon us it also is bringing out the best in the spring blooming perennials.

Clematis ‘Vino’

ClematisVino‘ is one of the first Clematis vines to blooming my garden. This shorter sized variety is perfect for a small obelisk or mailbox garden. ‘Vino‘ blooms a magenta/ purple color in my part shade location. Keep in mind that Clematis can bloom differently from state to state and location to location. The bloom color on clematis can be varied by the sun/shade location, the amount of humidity that is in your area along with the time of year that it is blooming. Clematis may bloom one color in the spring and then rebloom a slightly different shade in the late summer. Clematis are a wonderful choice for an added interest in vertical gardening.

Simply Scentsational® Heliotropium

Heliotropium Simply Scentsational

Heliotropum ‘Simply Scentsational‘ an amazingly fragrant new annual from Proven Winners. The Scentsational scent is a light and refreshing smell of grapes. When I first came across this plant setting on the bench in the garden center I noticed a nice fragrance, the scent lead my nose to the bloom and I was amazed. When showing a customer this plant the first thing I do is stick it up to their nose, the smell draws them in and they take the bait. The plant is now sold, hook, line and sinker 🙂 I recently stated on face book if only a picture could be scratch and sniff. ‘Simply Scentsational‘  is a sun loving annual that also is drought tolerant. The hummingbirds and butterflies are naturally attracted to this native variety.


Bijou™ Clematis ‘Evipo 030’

Clematis 'Bijou'

I know I have featured ClematisBijou‘ in the past but this cute little Queen of the Vines just simply impresses me. I just love the compact growing habit reaching only 1 foot tall. The free flowering vine blooms early summer and frequently again in the fall. Use ‘Bijou‘ Clematis as a ground cover or plant in a combination planter. Think outside the box of using clematis as a vertical interest and take it to the ground level.


Tiarella ‘Sugar and Spice’ PP16,738

Tiarella 'Sugar and Spice' Photo Property of Garden Crossings

(Foamflower) Tiarella ‘Sugar and Spice’ PP16,738 is the result of extensive breeding efforts at Terra Nova Nurseries and perhaps the best Tiarella ever! The dramatic, lacy leaves are painted with heavily marked dark centers and have a shiny appearance that almost appears to be lacquered. In spring, a profusion of lightly fragrant bottlebrush flowers are displayed for a very long time. The flowers of ‘Sugar & Spice‘ PP16,738 are white with a unique pink frosting.