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Perennials, annuals, grasses, succulents, vegetables, and fruits. Overwhelmed with endless possibilities? Being informed will help you make the best choice for your combination containers.

Perennials are cold hardy plants that last for more than two growing seasons. Annual plants flower and die within the same growing season. Grasses can be perennial or annual and will add motion to containers. Succulents will create great texture in pots for those hot, dry, sunny areas. With too little space or too little time for a garden why not try container vegetable gardening. Even some small fruits work well on containers. Herb container gardening will offer wonderful aromas and fresh flavor in your cooking.

Perennials can stand alone in your container or be combined with colorful annuals. Graceful grasses will sway in the breeze. Pop sweet blueberries into your mouth or add delicious grape tomatoes to your salads. From simple small balcony containers to a landscape full of garden containers have fun and enjoy the endless possibilities!


Graceful Grasses® Scirpus cernus ‘Fiber Optic Grass’

scirpus fiber optic grass 1x1Fiber Optic Grass‘ has proven to be a real head turner. Over the past few weeks we have had a few tour groups come through, and every time we walk by this Graceful Grass® the ladies always stop and ask “What is that plant?”. I tell them it is a new Proven Winners  plant that Garden Crossings is carrying this year.  The next thing the women say is “I can really see that is a combination Planter!” And I totally agree, I can envision planting petunias or million bells to drape over the container and having the ‘Fiber Optic Grass’ for some height. Graceful Grasses® Scirpus ‘Fiber Optic Grass is part of the Proven Winners® Graceful Grasses® collection. The bright green grass-like plant has small, fluffy, white flowers at the tip which look like fiber optics. Graceful Grasses® ‘Fiber Optic Grass’ does well in almost any location from deep shade to full sun, it prefers a moist location and is an excellent choice near ponds.