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Americana® White Splash Geranium

Geranium 'White Splash'

(Geranium) Americana® White Splash Geranium is a top seller in the Americana® series. The Americana® Series, is known for its clean and intense flower colors and for the large flower heads it displays. The eye catching, clean white with pink blotch flowers are great performers in the landscape or in a planter .


Geranium ‘Showcase Extreme Rose’

Pelargonium x hortorum

Geranium 'Showcase Extreme Rose' Photo Property of Garden Crossings

(Geranium) Showcase Extreme Rose Geranium has very dark foliage that creates a beautiful background for the large colorful flower cluster.  The eye catching, Extreme Rose pink flowers are ideal for window boxes, combination planters, and can also be used in your landscape.


Americana® Pink Geranium

ger am pink 1x1

(GeraniumAmericana® Pink Geranium is one of the best pink-colored Geraniums on the market. Like the other Americanas, Americana® Pink variety has excellent landscape performance and a well-branched plant structure. Geraniums make for great hanging baskets and combination planters. Dead head for continuous blooms and a nicer looking planters.


Snowstorm® Blue Sutera

bac snowstorm bluw 1x1

(Bacopa) Snowstorm® Blue Sutera features small blue flowers that appear all season. This Proven Winners® Bacopa is a strong trailing plant that trails up to 36″ and makes a great filler in your plant combination’s. Mix Snowstorm® Blue with Geraniums and Verbena to make a great hanging basket or combo container.


Callie® White w/ Rose Vein Calibrachoa

callie white witrh rose vien 1x1

I have found myself using Callie® White w/ Rose Vein Calibrachoa quite frequently in the combination planters that I have been planting for myself. I really think that the bright pink veining is really brought out when planted with Geranium Americana® Violet or another Geranium in the pinks family. I often then accent the combination with a Purple Verbena such as Lanai® Blue Denim. I have said it before and I will say it again I really love the way the Callie® Calibrachoas perform, they are very showy and produce a ton of flowers that make a huge impact!