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January: Gardening Activities

Our Average Daily High Temp for January in Michigan is 28°.

I look at January as the planning month. Since the majority of the northern states are usually covered with snow during this month, it is an excellent time to create a garden plan.

Hopefully you have take photos of your garden during the active months or you can remember what is where. Take some time to draw a layout of your garden and label where each plant is in the garden. Then decide if there are any changes you wish to make in plant layout. Also, make note of any plants that may need to be moved or divided. Next decide if there are any new garden projects you want to complete this year.

January is an excellent month to go back and page through your favorite gardening magazines for new ideas or new plants. Once you have a plan in place decide which plants you need to purchase this spring. Garden Crossings offers an early order discount for orders placed in January. This also helps you reserve the plants that you know you need. Remember, Garden Crossings also has a policy that you can place your order anytime, but you do not pay until your order is shipped.

Most of January’s activities are inside activities, but don’t forget to brush the snow off bushes, evergreens or small trees. The light fluffy snow will not cause much harm and is beautiful, but wet heavy snow or ice can damage your plants. Plants which are dormant tend to be more brittle and can crack off easily with the weight of the heavy snow.

Lastly, remember to feed your feathered friends. With greater amounts of snow covering the ground, birds can have a hard time finding food. Even if you are not a bird watcher, they can add life to a cold inactive garden.


Create a Garden Plan
Go through past issues of your favorite gardening magazines
Organize your new projects and things you want to change
Began placing orders to reserve your new plantings
Brush heavy snow from bushes, evergreens or small trees
Remember to Feed the birds