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Much of the flower color for the holiday season comes in the form of the Poinsettia.  Poinsettias now come in such a vast array of colors, it is no longer the traditional Red, White, and Pink. They have speckles, have been died, and even come in peach, burgundy, a white and pink mix and so much more. Every Christmas we like to have Poinsettias around for their color and the joy they add to the season. But this year we wanted to add a little spice to the plants that we bought ( yes bought, we do not grow Poinsettias). We found a decorative pot that we carry at Garden Crossings and added a little flare. For the center piece in this combination planter we choose Amaize n’ Blue™ ChamaecyparisAmaize n’ Blue™ is an evergreen variety that generally is planted outdoors. The soft silvery blue foliage is very ‘touchable’ as it does not poke. This is a compact evergreen growing only 1-3″, it would make a very cute border plant.  In addition to the Chamaecyparis, we added 4 boxwood plants, 2 of each variety North Star™ & Wedding Ring™. North Star™ Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that has a nice mounding habit and reaches only 3″ tall, little to no pruning is needed with this variety. Also in the mix is the second Boxwood, Wedding Ring™.  Wedding Ring™ has shiny green foliage with a chartreuse green edge, in the summer it turns to gold. A great variegated choice for both planters and in the landscape. Again, this Boxwood only reaches only 1-3″ tall.  All the great shrubs that we used in this colorful combination  A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Evergreen Shrub.

The reason I wanted to share with you my holiday combination is to just show you that sometimes when decorating( for any season) you have to think outside the box and put together some not so traditional arrangements. The first person who came over to our house and saw this said “Wow! Where did you get that? I want one!”  and that my gardening friends in the comment we all want to hear when we are planting our gardens and containers!

Peace, Love & Joy!  Merry Christmas!

How to Spice Up Your Holiday Arrangemets


Ligularia ‘Dragon Wings’PPAF

(Bigleaf Ligularia) The leathery leaves of Ligularia ‘Dragon Wings’PPAF conjure up images of fairy-tale creatures with their deeply cut spiky edges. Impressive twelve inch wide leaves with dark purple stems form a clumping habit that is deer resistant. In late summer ‘Dragon Wings’PPAF produces yellow flowers in slender, dense racemes on dark purple stems. Ligularia performs best when protected from the hottest sun and the soil is kept evenly moist.


ColorBlaze™ Dark Star Coleus

coleus dark star 1x1 june10We made up some beautiful combination planters this year and this is one of them. In this combination we included Coleus Dark Star, Lemon Symphony Osteospermum and Calibrachoa Blue. A suggestion that I have to make a nice full looking Coleus is to trim them back to about 6″ once they originally get about 12″.

(Coleus) Color Blaze™ Dark Star Solenostemon is a must have for all coleus lovers. The stunning dark purple foliage gives great color all season long. Color Blaze™ Dark Star is another great introduction from Proven Winners!


Graceful Grasses Baby Tut

Are you looking for a great specimen that adds character to your combination planters? You may want to consider Graceful Grasses Baby Tut. Last year I added one plant to the center of my planter and it was beautiful. I choose to plant Petunia Bubblegum, Heuchera ‘Electra’, and then in the fall I added in some asters around it for a striking planter. Baby Tut adds motion and a creative touch you your landscape.

(Umbrella Grass) Graceful Grasses Baby Tut Cyperus provides interesting foliage to your flower gardens. This water garden friendly plant grows well in your landscape also. Plant Baby Tut in a full sun to part shade location to enjoy the beauty of this baby.  Graceful Grasses Baby Tut intermingles well with other plants to fill in the middle ground of a combination planter.


Carex hachijoensis ‘Evergold’

Is a really nice and tidy two toned grass. I like that it stays green pretty much all winter long. In the spring when the plants start to wake up, ‘Evergold’ is there and ready for Spring. I have used Carex ‘Evergold’ in several places in my gardens. In the front landscape I have it planted in lava rock in front of my larger containers, it compliments nicely with all the annuals . In the backyard gardens I have it mixed in with the Heuchera and Heucherellas in a part shade location.  The foliage is amazing mixed in with the burgundy and purple leaves of the Heuchera. Take a look…

(Sedge) Carex ‘Evergold’ is a handsome semi-evergreen sedge with creamy-yellow and green variegated leaves. Compact mounding habit makes this an excellent choice for the front of the border. ‘Evergold’ prefers light shade. Very attractive foliage plant & Deer resistant!