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Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’

Echincea “Green Jewel”

When you think of colors to add to your garden, green probably is not the first color that comes to mind. Green is an obvious color, the leaves and  foliage, mostly taken for granted . Here we have a unique Echinacea, ‘Green Jewel’.  Each flower of  ‘Green Jewel‘ is approximately 2 inches across packed with a double row of green petals. The fragrant green blooms make a great cut flower. Echinacea Coneflowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and songbirds. In the fall leave the spent blooms, the birds will enjoy the seeds. Enjoy a taste of going green, with Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’.


Prairie Pixies™ Cranberry Cupcake Echinacea

Well maybe not at first BITE but for sure at first SIGHT

For the past few years Echinacea have been all the rave. So many new varieties that come out every year, and us having to choose which ones to keep, drop or add as a new variety. Echinacea also have become a true collection. One of the new varieties that we added this year is Prairie Pixies™Cranberry Cupcake‘. One thing that I think people are looking for in cone flowers is a shorter plant but with large blooms. (correct me if I am wrong) ‘Cranberry Cupcake‘ is just that, a compact variety reaching 14 to 22 inches with tons of  huge blooms. The large, double pom pom cone is a bright pink color with lighter pink rays that fall from it. Just the name of this plant may lead you to also think  that it is a fragrant variety, which it definitely is! And with fragrance comes… you guessed it butterflies and hummingbirds. This delightful variety is a sure bet garden treat!

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Garden Crossings is a great place to start your Echinacea collection!


Cone-fections™ ‘Hot Papaya’ Echinacea

Cone-fections™ 'Hot Papaya' Echinacea

If a BIG double Echinacea is what you are looking for Cone-fections™ ‘Hot Papaya‘ Echinacea is one to consider. The large two toned pom pom head sits atop the long ray petals. As the flower ages it continues to get bigger up to 3 “. Plant in mass for a tasteful addition to your garden, but beware you may have tons of butterflies that come to visit. Echinacea do well in full sun and can tolerate drought conditions. Make a beautiful native flower bouquet out of Echinaceas.


Echinacia ‘Secret Desire’PPAF

(Coneflower) With double ‘Coral Reef’ type flowers, Echinacea ‘Secret Desire’PPAF produces large multicolored blooms of pink and orange. ‘Secret Desire’PPAF is part of the Secret™ Series of mid-size plants, grows vigorously and forms a full plant quickly. The “secret” is out and desired by everyone! Echinacea’s are deer resistant and aromatic, attracting birds and butterflies.


Cone-fections™ Series Echinacea  ‘Raspberry Truffle’

(Coneflower) Enjoy this fabulous new dessert without adding any calories! Part of the Cone-fections™ Series from hybridizer Arie Blom, Echinacea purpurea ‘Raspberry Truffle’ PPAF emerges a coral pink with a chocolate cone and develops a pom-pom center as they mature. The fully opened 4″ blooms of ‘Raspberry Truffle’ PPAF have horizontally held, strawberry peach ray petals, and a darker pink pom-pom set atop a showy dark stem. This fragrant new plant is a vigorous grower with a bushy, upright habit.