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Clematis Planting & Soil Preparation

Prepare a planting hole about 20″ deep and 18″-24″ wide. Loosen sides and bottom of hole so that roots can penetrate. Mix removed soil with lots of humus, or a compost/pine bark product, sand, one handful of lime. Partially backfill the hole with this mixture before planting.

Slip the plant from the pot without disturbing main root ball. Handle the plant carefully to avoid damaging the stems. When planting Clematis, plant them at least 2 inches deeper than it was in the pot. Planting Clematis in this manner will minimize the likelihood of Clematis wilt and will help protect the roots from cold during the winter months. Press the remainder of the compost/humus and soil mixture firmly around the plant, leaving the area slightly mounded to allow for settling. Water them thoroughly after planting.