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Graceful Grasses® Toffee Twist Carex

Carex 'Toffee Twist'

This was not love at first sight when I first saw Toffee Twist. I was hesitant about the brown foliage. I decided that I had to give it a chance, so I planted it up in a combination planter with reds and oranges and it is looking great! The foliage stands tall with a flowing/sweeping look. I really think that this ‘brown’ grass is going to be a hit.- Heidi

(Toffee Twist Sedge Grass) Graceful Grasses® Toffee Twist slender, iridescent leaves offer an elegant sweeping, trailing habit. The bronze foliage makes a great addition to combination planters, it is a thriller that adds height and interest to your planters. Toffee Twist also looks magnificent in borders, or cascading over walls. Carex Toffee Twist prefers moist soil and sun to part shade. Toffee Twist is a cool-season grass. Where temperatures get colder than 5 degrees F, the plants should be treated as annuals.


Carex testacea

carex orange sedge 1x1Orange Sedge

If you are looking for a grass that takes on different colors as the seasons change, be sure to check out Carex Orange Sedge. This relatively short grass, standing only 12-24 inches tall is great for borders, or make a large statement and plant in masses.

(Orange Sedge Grass) Carex testacea features finely textured and gracefully arching olive-colored foliage. In the fall, the foliage takes on a coppery-orange color that is simply stunning and continues through winter! Looks magnificent in borders, containers, or cascading over walls. Carex testacea prefers moist soil and sun to part shade.


Carex hachijoensis ‘Evergold’

Is a really nice and tidy two toned grass. I like that it stays green pretty much all winter long. In the spring when the plants start to wake up, ‘Evergold’ is there and ready for Spring. I have used Carex ‘Evergold’ in several places in my gardens. In the front landscape I have it planted in lava rock in front of my larger containers, it compliments nicely with all the annuals . In the backyard gardens I have it mixed in with the Heuchera and Heucherellas in a part shade location.  The foliage is amazing mixed in with the burgundy and purple leaves of the Heuchera. Take a look…

(Sedge) Carex ‘Evergold’ is a handsome semi-evergreen sedge with creamy-yellow and green variegated leaves. Compact mounding habit makes this an excellent choice for the front of the border. ‘Evergold’ prefers light shade. Very attractive foliage plant & Deer resistant!