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Snowstorm® Blue Sutera

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(Bacopa) Snowstorm® Blue Sutera features small blue flowers that appear all season. This Proven Winners® Bacopa is a strong trailing plant that trails up to 36″ and makes a great filler in your plant combination’s. Mix Snowstorm® Blue with Geraniums and Verbena to make a great hanging basket or combo container.


Does this sound familiar to you? There are a few factors that may come into play with this statement that I will try and help you with. The first is, most people underwater their hanging baskets and planters. When you water your baskets/planters you need to make sure that you see a constant drip of water coming from the bottom of the pot. If you do not see the water flowing through that means that the water has not soaked all the way down to the bottom of your soil. If you soil does not get completely wet this will lead to the plant drying out faster. Another factor is wind and heat. When your planters are exposed to a windy location this will tend to dry them out faster. Also the heat from the hot sun will deplete the water much faster. And lastly there are some plants that are just plain thirsty! If you have Bacopa or Lobularia for example you will want to keep your baskets well hydrated for to keep them looking good.

The i3 planter can help you keep your baskets irrigated all summer long for great looking baskets. And as an added bonus they also have lights to keep your beautiful plants light up at night to show off to all your neighbors.