We all want our gardens and container gardens to be the best  they can be. Here are a few quick tips and ideas that might be of help to you.

~Drill holes in combination and deck rail planters before you plant. You have your container masterpiece all planted up and it just is not growing as well as you had hoped. Your soil seems quite wet and the plants are starting to get floppy and wilted looking. You try and dry it out but it is not helping much. My suggestion is that before you plant your plants drill a few small holes in the bottom of your container if they did not come in the pot. This allows excess water to flow freely from the bottom of your pot. If drilling holes is not an option because you have a pottery type pot then I would suggest placing a few empty plastic pots in the bottom to create an area for the excess water to drain into, letting your soil have a chance to dry out.

~recycle old fencing and use as a trellis for clematis. Last summer I noticed my neighbor was throwing away perfectly good chicken wire that he no longer needed for his dog coop. So I went over and asked if I could take it from his trash. What I did with his trash was made a huge fence wall for my clematis to climb up. A great find for sure! 100_7132

~ Old wooden Ladders another great Clematis trellis. Every time I go to my local thrift store I look out in there dumpster for old wooden ladders that have been thrown away. They tell me that they are not safe to climb and I tell them that my plants won’t mind. I have 3 ladders right now in my garden and will be looking for more as the spring arrives! 100_7135

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