Let the EasyBloom™ Plant Sensor Help you out!

Want to know what to grow?
Want to help a sick plant?

  • Can I grow tomatoes on my patio and parsley in my windowsill?
  • How can I get my hibiscus to bloom and my ficus to stop drooping?
  • How can I find new flowers for my yard this year?
  • How can I stop killing plants and wasting money on landscaping that dies?
  • How can I end gardening by trial and error?

The #1 selling garden tool, EasyBloom™ Plant Sensor.

To see more about easy bloom click on the video link below

easybloom video

Plant’s-Eye View: Plug In: Plant Doctor Advice:

Put the EasyBloom Plant Sensor anywhere, inside or outside, where you want to grow a plant or have a plant you want advice on. The Plant Sensor will measure sunlight, temperature, water drainage and humidity. Plug the EasyBloom Plant Sensor into the USB port of your PC or Mac. EasyBloom.com adjusts the raw sensor data with your local growing zones, climate, and hourly weather. From our 5,000+ plant library, we’ll recommend what plants are best for your spot and how to care for them. If you already have a plant, the Plant Doctor will tell you what to fix (and what you’re doing right). Use again and again, inside and outside.
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EasyBloom™ Plant Sensor

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