Spring is officially here! So with the spring weather right around the corner it is time for us to get out and do some spring cleaning. 100_9882edit To start with I recommend going through your gardens and removing any excess leaves and debris that may be laying around and covering your plants. Now is also a good time to thin out any unwanted plants from your garden. And if you have perennials that are getting to big for their location or simply are not performing the best because of size go ahead and divide them to either more to a new location or share with a gardening friend. IMG_1810edit Another spring cleaning necessity is to trim back your ornamental grasses that you left for winter interest. Find a handy helper to hold the grass clump together and then take a large trimmers to cut through. Make sure that your little helper continues to hold the grass tops as you are cutting for clean and easy removal.

IMG_1814edit Another thing that we recommend is to prevent the weeds before they start! Our product of choice is ‘PREEN’ simply sprinkle over your garden and let it take care of preventing the weeds.

But for those of you who the weeds already have the best of, take this simple tip from our neighbor and get out the ‘Round up’! ‘Round up’ can be used on weeds that are coming up in your flower gardens, but be careful and make sure that you do not get any on your plants coming up. One thing that I have done in the past is taken kids sand buckets and placed them over any of my plants that were starting to emerge. This protected the plants but allowed me to spray the weeds around them.


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