My most favorite Spring Flower is Lupines. Lupines come in a range of colors from red, to pink, to purple and yellow. Lupine heights can vary from shorter varieties like the Gallery series which is 18-24″ and also taller varieties like the Russell Hybrids.

Lupinus x hybrida ‘Gallery Blue’

Lupine “Gallery Blue” is a great perennial that provides you with spring color. Lupine come in a range of colors and sizes, but I prefer the shorter varieties. Lupine Gallery Red and Gallery Blue are both staple plants in my garden, they are the go to plant when referring someone for spring color. The unique star shaped leaves have nice texture and interest  in the garden. The multiple spike flower heads provide a ton of color. If you love your Lupines let them go to seed and sprinkle it around. Lupine like dry, well drained soil. Attracting hummingbirds and butterflies is an great attribute of Lupines.

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