To perfectly honest flowers in the orange/peach family are not my first go to plant. I tend to go purple and pinks in many of my combinations. BUT… I really think that I can see myself using the new Verbena ‘Royale Peachy Keen‘  in a combination planter. I am envisioning this planted with a purple Sweet Potato vine and with the new Supertunia ‘White Russian‘. I did a little ‘playing’ with the flower samples that I have and made a mixture of these varieties and was pleased with the look. I like how the flower color of  ‘Royale Peachy Keen’ changes as the flowers age, it shows shades of intense orange to a faded peach color. The flowers open real wide for a big full blooming flower. There were a ton of blooms off of one plant for a lot of color. The habit was more of an upright type although as the plant grows and ages it will have a little bit of trailing habit. Verbena are great in hanging baskets and planters, but also make for a great landscape plant. They are fairly drought resistant, and can tolerate many planting conditions.

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