Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar Berberis


Recently when I was walking through the greenhouses I saw some wonderful fall colors developing on many of our shrub varieties. One that really struck and amazed me at how much the color changed was the Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar Berberis. In the summer this Pillar has yellow foliage and the bright reds and oranges that developed for the fall were simply wonderful.

(Barberry) Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar Berberis is another outstanding Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrub that is a must have for every landscape. Sunjoy™ Gold Pillar is similar in shape to ‘Helmond Pillar’, but with bright golden foliage and red new growth. The 3-4′ pillars of gold provide great garden architecture and look stunning in autumn as the foliage turns a blazing orange-red. It will not burn like other yellow leaved barberry.

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