Maximize the beauty of your container gardens with careful planning. Observe and measure the amount of sunlight your containers will receive so you can choose your plants accordingly. Drainage holes are a must for your containers!

A quality potting soil is a “must have” for container gardens. You will need a mix that offers good drainage but also has a good water-holding capacity. Too much water may cause root rot while some plants may not recover well from being too dry. Easy to install drip irrigation systems are available to help with consistency for your watering needs.

Your container plants not only need water but food for healthy growth and blooms. Fertilizer is a must! Slow-release as well as water soluble fertilizers are available to provide the nutrients your plants will require.

Your garden professional will be able to supply you with a quality potting soil and fertilizer to help you grow stunning garden containers and keep them fresh looking all season long.

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