L.A. Dreamin’™ Hydrangea  ‘Lindsey Ann’

L.A. Dreamin’ Hydrangea is a brand new  ‘can’t go wrong’ macrophylla Big Leaf Hydrangea. It offers the best of both worlds-blooms on new and old growth  AND blooms both pink and blue with no soil altering! L.A.Dreamin’ is a very reliable bloomer, you start off by getting blooms from the previous seasons growth and then as new growth emerges, you will get blooms from the new growth.  This also means that you will have a longer bloom cycle. Another REALLY cool feature of L.A. Dreamin’ is that it flower both pink & blue. This happens naturally on this plant and does not require any acid to turn the blooms blue. Standing 24″-30″ this compact bloomer does not require alot of valuable space in your garden. This mass when you think L.A Dreamin’, what a lovely sight it would be to have a whole border or garden full of the wonderful blue and pink flowers. Hydrangea also make for a wonderful cut or dried flower. Enjoy the beautiful blooms in a vase on your table or hang them to dry so you can enjoy them all season in a beautiful dried flower arrangement. No matter how you dream it, L.A. Dreamin’ is a sure bet dream come true!

As a side note, as of this writing Garden Crossings is one of 2 companies to carry this exclusive variety for 2012.





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