There is one place you need to start to begin a trouble free garden, that is the ground below. A reliable garden begins with reliable soil. So you may ask, what do I need to do to my soil to make  it grow good gardens? Well to start, you need to work the soil and loosen it up. Digging, turning, adding organic matter, and natural fertilizer will give you a good start.

There are many different types of soil out there so here is some help in determining what type of soil you have.

  • Sand has large particles that are course and tend not to hold water so well causing your plants to dry out faster.
  • Clay consists of very small particles that stick together and provide poor drainage. But when you mix in an organic matter and cultivate your soil you  are creating areas for air and water to flow along with nutrients which will better help your plants grow.
  • Some of you have a thin layer of top soil and have to deal with a layer of hard subsoil underneath. So how can you dig through that hard layer of compacted hard soil and rocks when chipping away gets old? Here is a tip to help loosen the soil: water. Once you have a hole started, run water in the hole and and let it soak in for awhile, this should help loosen the soil.

Remember to continue to add organic matter  to your soil in the future to keep it rich. A typical plant should have 14″ of good soil to grow best.

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