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Retro Chic Birdhouses

All of our retro chic birdhouses are hand crafted and have tons of detail. The hand painted birdhouses are adorned with a  tin roof and a whimsy beaded flower or bird on top. The tin roofs are screwed in and have been insulated along with ventilation holes to provide a cool space for birds during the summer months. Cleaning is a breeze, with the easy to open clean out door on the back. Use this retro flowers bird house for indoor decoration or enjoy the beauty and practicality of it in your backyard. Birds will love the new home that you provide for them.

If you have a garden I am sure you have some sort of garden treasure in it. My latest find has been a drop down side baby crib. These cribs have been recalled and can not be resold because they have been deemed unsafe. So keep your eyes peeled for people who are wanting to get rid of their cribs. I found mine at the end of a driveway waiting for the trash man to pick it up.

You may be asking why does she want a crib for her garden? I have a slight love for clematis and clematis need to climb! I will be ‘planting’ the crib ends and sides in various locations to let my clematis have something to cling to and get tall in my garden.

Another idea is to make a flower ‘bed’.  Bury the ends and sides down deep enough that you can plant inside of it and have it look like a bed. This is a very cute idea if you have the space.

And lastly, I can for see using the ends as a ‘backdrop’ in the garden. The nice shape and color would be beautiful to ‘plant’ behind a planting of Monarda, Rudbeckia, Daylilies, or even in a shade garden to contrast with Hostas.

Just let your imagination be your guide, that are so many treasures out there waiting to be repurposed!

Memorial Day is a day to reflect the freedom that we have been blessed with. Thank you to all the veterans past, present and future for your sacrifice that you have given. Thank you to all the families who have let their Men & Women go out to protect all that we have today.

May God Bless You and God Bless America!

A Glove You Will Love

Weeder Glove

Weeder Glove

Weeders are coated in nitrile, a latex free substance known for its toughness against abrasion and thorns. They combine the comfort of a nylon liner glove with durability close to heavier latex Tool Grip gloves. Fantastic touch sensitivity, durability, great colors and long wearing coolness set this glove apart.

Available in Sizes Small, Medium, & Large

Some People Trash Is Another’s Treasure

I was at a Stuck on Gardening Conference last weekend and one of the speakers (Felder Rushing) was there.

He was showing pictures of people using old tires in their gardens. Rushing is a great speaker, super funny guy. Anyways, the pictures he first showed us were some pretty tacky looking tire planters, people were using them for fences, stacking them up, painting them white, all sorts of craziness.  I really was not so sure if this guy was for real with the tire planter idea. Then at the end of his talk he was showing us some pretty cool ‘tire’ planters.

He gave us instructions of how to create these recycled pieces of art! I wanted to share this crazy, but cool idea with you.

Please be very careful when creating these pieces of art. Garden Crossings is not responsible for any accidents that may happen!

Here is a link to ‘How to Create a Tire Planter