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Think Outside the ‘Box’

This photo was sent to me by a fellow gardener and all I could say was ‘wow’! Every year this gardener sends me pictures of her beautiful Pamela Crawford baskets. Typically she plants them up with Superbells® and Supertunia®  for her summer garden, this year was no exception. But when I received this photo in November  I was in awe, she did a follow up Fall planting. Here she used kale, pansies, and cabbage for this great Fall look. The color combination is truly stunning. So my advise to you… just because the planting season seems like it is done, it may have only begun. Make sure when you are ready to be ‘done’ planting for the season, that you ‘Think outside the ‘box’.

Growing a New Generation of Gardeners

Digging in the dirt and getting dirty is what kids do best!  There is nothing that brings me more joy than to see kids getting dirty. Gardening comes naturally to kids, we just need to give them the tools and direction to know how. Each year we invite several classes to come in and learn about plants, see the greenhouses and the final ‘reward’ for them listening to us is, they get to plant their very own plant. The excitement and energy in the room while they are planting is contagious. When the plants have grown and the kids come back to show mom the basket they planted for her, the pride of accomplishment and joy of giving mom her gift brings tears to my eyes.

If you have not had a chance to introduce the children in your lives to gardening, the time is now! The things they can learn are endless, hard work can pay off.  When starting a  garden with your kids it is teaching them patience and in the end they will be rewarded. With so many distractions in today’s society, let gardening be a ‘calm‘ in your kids  routines. Gardening is something they can start and have great joy in the accomplishment of the end result. Once they have planted the seeds/little plants they need to nurture them. Including the responsibility of watering and feeding.  This can take days and weeks to watch the plants grow. Once the plants have matured, kids will see the reward of beautiful flowers and or fruit/vegetables. This will give the kids satisfaction in knowing that they were able take that plant from start to finish with beautiful results. I challenge you to give gardening with your child a try. Once a gardener, always a gardener.

Winter Hanging Basket


Winter Basket How To…

So Winter is here and you may think what do I do with my empty hanging baskets? My answer is  ” Well fill them, of course!” Just because it is to cold out for live plants that does not mean that you baskets need to go empty all winter.( If you choose to do nothing with your baskets, please do your gardening neighbors a favor and dump the dead annuals in the trash) Here I have gathered a few items from my garden to fill this basket. I have taken a few pictures along the way to show you how to make your ‘planting’ go a little easier and also help keep the ingredients from blowing away in the harsh winter breeze.



Lightly line your basket with dirt

Layer your pine boughs over the dirt

Wearing rubber gloves, spray some "Great Stuff" in the middle

As you add in Red Twigs and Hydrangea spray some more great stuff in the middle. After the foam has been sprayed i recommend breaking some pine needles off extra branches to cover up the foam.

Once you design is complete, let it set as the foam dries. The foam should hold all your decor together to withstand the winter elements.

I am not a big fan of the cold winters here in Michigan, but the fun things you can do with dormant shrubs makes it some better.  When all my summer annuals and fall mums need to go away, that leaves me with the opportunity to refill my planters for winter. Obviously plants are not going to work for me in Michigan so I have to think outside the box. I start to look at my shrubs and perennials and see what can be used in containers. For this combination  I choose to use Red Twig Dogwood – Arctic Fire™ Cornus, the dried flowers of Hydrangea ‘LimeLight’, and branches off my Christmas Tree. I arranged them in a planter and added a few red lights to highlight the red twigs at night. I am really impressed by the intensity that the Red Twig Dogwood gives, the color is so bold and really stands out against the white trim of my house. I can not wait ( I say this lightly) for the snow, the contrast will be stunning.

Combination Hanging Basket Design Tool From

Garden Crossings

Create your own beautiful hanging basket in minutes with Garden Crossings easy to use design tool. You plan out the masterpiece and we will grow it and ship it out to your door step. Our new ‘tool’ allows you to select the plants you want for your design and see what they will look like together. One you have the perfect looking basket we will plant the basket up for you and within 4 weeks it will be filled out and shipped to your door. Here is a video explaining the process. Relax and enjoy the experience!