Incrediball™ Hydrangea

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This past  Summer I was finally able to see what a mature Incrediball™ Hydrangea looked like and how it performed in the garden. It truly is an incredible shrub! The blooms were just as large as they are described and the plant was just loaded with buds and blooms. Now that the plant is mature it is able to hold its own. When the plant is young and immature the blooms can be a bit much for the weak stems. If you have noticed this problem, give your plant another season and you will be pleasantly surprised how one additional year of growth really helps make Incrediball™ Hydrangea more sturdy.-Heidi

(Smooth Hydrangea) IncrediballHydrangea is a new and improved Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ from Spring Meadow Nursery and will amaze everyone with its colossal blooms.  Incrediball has strong, hefty stems that won’t droop and large dark green leaves. The blooms emerge a lime green, change to white, then turn green as they age and are striking in both fresh and dried arrangements. A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrub.

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