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Much of the flower color for the holiday season comes in the form of the Poinsettia.  Poinsettias now come in such a vast array of colors, it is no longer the traditional Red, White, and Pink. They have speckles, have been died, and even come in peach, burgundy, a white and pink mix and so much more. Every Christmas we like to have Poinsettias around for their color and the joy they add to the season. But this year we wanted to add a little spice to the plants that we bought ( yes bought, we do not grow Poinsettias). We found a decorative pot that we carry at Garden Crossings and added a little flare. For the center piece in this combination planter we choose Amaize n’ Blue™ ChamaecyparisAmaize n’ Blue™ is an evergreen variety that generally is planted outdoors. The soft silvery blue foliage is very ‘touchable’ as it does not poke. This is a compact evergreen growing only 1-3″, it would make a very cute border plant.  In addition to the Chamaecyparis, we added 4 boxwood plants, 2 of each variety North Star™ & Wedding Ring™. North Star™ Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that has a nice mounding habit and reaches only 3″ tall, little to no pruning is needed with this variety. Also in the mix is the second Boxwood, Wedding Ring™.  Wedding Ring™ has shiny green foliage with a chartreuse green edge, in the summer it turns to gold. A great variegated choice for both planters and in the landscape. Again, this Boxwood only reaches only 1-3″ tall.  All the great shrubs that we used in this colorful combination  A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Evergreen Shrub.

The reason I wanted to share with you my holiday combination is to just show you that sometimes when decorating( for any season) you have to think outside the box and put together some not so traditional arrangements. The first person who came over to our house and saw this said “Wow! Where did you get that? I want one!”  and that my gardening friends in the comment we all want to hear when we are planting our gardens and containers!

Peace, Love & Joy!  Merry Christmas!

How to Spice Up Your Holiday Arrangemets


To perfectly honest flowers in the orange/peach family are not my first go to plant. I tend to go purple and pinks in many of my combinations. BUT… I really think that I can see myself using the new Verbena ‘Royale Peachy Keen‘  in a combination planter. I am envisioning this planted with a purple Sweet Potato vine and with the new Supertunia ‘White Russian‘. I did a little ‘playing’ with the flower samples that I have and made a mixture of these varieties and was pleased with the look. I like how the flower color of  ‘Royale Peachy Keen’ changes as the flowers age, it shows shades of intense orange to a faded peach color. The flowers open real wide for a big full blooming flower. There were a ton of blooms off of one plant for a lot of color. The habit was more of an upright type although as the plant grows and ages it will have a little bit of trailing habit. Verbena are great in hanging baskets and planters, but also make for a great landscape plant. They are fairly drought resistant, and can tolerate many planting conditions.