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Corydalis ‘Blackberry Wine’

Corydalis 'Blackberry Wine'

(Corydalis) Corydalis ‘Blackberry Wine‘ displays very fragrant plum-violet flowers that arch elegantly above the lacy blue-green foliage. ‘Blackberry Wine‘ is a very long bloomer, beginning with a spectacular display of flowers in late spring followed by continuous bloom until frost. It does not go through summer dormancy like other varieties of Corydalis and is also resistant to rabbits!


A Glove You Will Love

Weeder Glove

Weeder Glove

Weeders are coated in nitrile, a latex free substance known for its toughness against abrasion and thorns. They combine the comfort of a nylon liner glove with durability close to heavier latex Tool Grip gloves. Fantastic touch sensitivity, durability, great colors and long wearing coolness set this glove apart.

Available in Sizes Small, Medium, & Large


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Sedum ‘Birthday Party’

(Autumn Stonecrop) Planted en masse or for the border, Sedum ‘Birthday Party’PPAF will add a festive celebration to the landscape. Very short and compact, ‘Birthday Party’PPAF forms a habit that doesn’t open up and has purple-brown tinted foliage. In late summer huge, deep rose-pink flower heads are produced adding striking color that will attract butterflies to your garden. This Sedum is from the Party Hardy™ Series, requires full sun, and is drought tolerant.


Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Little Honey’

Hydrangea 'Little Honey'

(Oakleaf Hydrangea) Hydrangea ‘Little Honey‘ a dwarf oak leaf hydrangea has bright gold foliage the is set apart by its deep reddish- brown stems. All summer long ‘Little Honey’ has gold foliage, then in the fall turns bright scarlet.  The 6″ white flower heads mingle among the gold foliage. For best color protect from afternoon sun.


Clematis montana ‘Rubens’

Clematis montana 'Rubens'

(Clematis) Clematis ‘Rubens‘ supplies masses of soft pink 2.5″ flowers that look very attractive against the dark bronze-green foliage. Grown in full sun to part shade this deer and rabbit resistant clematis make a great addition to vertical gardening. This clematis looks beautiful growing through large trees or conifers and ‘Rubens‘ can obtain a height of over 25 feet. Hardy to zone 6 – winter mulch recommended. Awarded Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Prune Group 1 – Prune only after flowering is completed by removing any weak or dead stems. These varieties flower on the previous season’s growth.