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Winter Jewels™ ‘Golden Lotus’ Helleborus

Helleborus winter Jewels 'Golden Lotus'(Lenton Rose) This elegant Hellebore is part of the Winter Jewel™ Series and was created by one of the world’s top hybridizers Marietta O`Bryne. Helleborus ‘Golden Lotus’ has double golden-yellow lotus-like flowers. Some of the blooms will have red edges and red streaking on the backs as well. ‘Golden Lotus’ will flower in early spring and can be planted as a border, en mass, or in containers.


Bergenia ‘Pink Dragonfly’

(Pig Squeak) Bergenia ‘Pink Dragonfly’ is sure to be noticed with its shiny, cabbage-like leaves that have an unusually thick rubbery feel, which makes a ‘pig squeak’ sound when rubbed between your fingers. This evergreen has clusters of bright pink flowers from early to late spring that will provide long lasting cut blooms for bouquets. During the fall and winter months the leaves of Pink Dragonfly turn a reddish-bronze hue and return to green in the spring.  A versatile plant for use as a groundcover, edging, or container gardening.


Luau™ Pink Kai Hibiscus

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(Tropical Hibiscus) Luau™ Pink Kai Hibiscus was bred and selected for its bright, clear flower colors as well as its deep green foliage. Bursts of clear, bright pink blooms cover Hibiscus Luau™ Pink Kai from early summer until fall.


Pulmonaria ‘Raspberry Splash’

(Lungwort) Pulmonaria ‘Raspberry Splash‘ PP12,138 dazzles with raspberry-pink flower clusters that make a stark contrast to the silvery spotted foliage. The unique foliage provides all season interest and combines wonderfully with other shade loving plants like Athyrium ‘Silver Falls’ PP12,803. ‘Raspberry Splash‘ 12,138 is resistant to both deer and rabbits.


Oso Easy™ Peachy Cream

rose peachy cream 1x1

(RoseOso Easy™ Peachy Cream Rosa is a lovely new variety from Proven Winners® that delivers clouds of blooms from late spring until frost! The large, double flowers open peach colored with a light lemon-yellow center and then mature to pastel cream. Oso Easy™ Peachy Cream exhibits the same wonderful attributes as the rest of the series including; dark, glossy green foliage, self cleaning flowers, and excellent disease resistance. A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrub.