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Superbells® Coralberry Punch Calibrachoa

(Million Bells) Superbells® Coralberry Punch Calibrachoa is a great new shade of Million Bells. The dark red center that fades out to a coral color is very striking in combo planters or planted by itself. Superbells® Coralberry Punch is a low maintenance plant to grow, but does like good drainage. An added bonus is Calibrachoas are pet friendly!

Another great new coloration in Millionbells introduced last Summer by Proven Winners. I was impressed by the 2 new Superbells® varieties I saw at the OFA Short Course last year. Be sure to also check out Superbells® Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa.-Heidi


Goldilocks Rocks™ Bidens

(BidensGoldilocks Rocks™ Bidens is a new variety that brings a bouquet of sunshine to hanging baskets, container combos, or the landscape. Mounding habit and bright gold flowers bloom all season on well behaved ‘spiller’ plants. Goldilocks Rocks™ is heat and drought tolerant.


Lo & Behold® Buddleia x ‘Purple Haze’PPAF

(Butterfly Bush) An explosion of fragrant purple-blue flowers flow outward and downward from midsummer to frost on Lo & Behold® Buddleia x ‘Purple Haze’PPAF. This dwarf variety has a horizontal, low spreading, non invasive habit excellent for use as a ground covering plant. ‘Purple Haze’PPAF was developed by Dr. Dennis Werner of NC State University and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


Phantom Petunia x hybrida ‘Balpephan’ PPAF

(Petunia) Simply Beautiful® Presents Phantom,  the world’s first and only Black & Yellow Petunia, there’s alot of buzz being said about this unique new  bumblebee color! The upright ,tightly branched, mounding habit of Phantom is drought and heat tolerant and also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

* I saw this plant for the first time last summer at the OFA Short Course  in Columbus, Ohio and knew immediately that this one was going to have to be added for 2011.- Heidi


Super Sonic® Pastel Pink Impatiens

‘Pastel Pink‘ was a new color New Guinea Impatiens for us last year. I was really impressed by the actual color of this plant. The large pale pink flowers had a little color variation that appeared to be a pale pink and white fade.  Of all the shades of pink that we carried last year this one really was a stand out variety. -Heidi

(New Guinea Impatiens) Super Sonic® Pastel Pink Impatiens has large pastel pink blooms, dark green foliage. The extra large flowers (up to 3-inches across) of Super Sonic® Pastel Pink are perfect for large baskets and patio containers. Super Sonics® will provide you with a robust, large specimen plant great for landscaping.