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Echinacea ‘Summer Sun’

ech summer sky 1x1(Coneflower) Echinacea ‘Summer Sun’ PPAF blooms first open as red-orange then they lighten to a golden orange, adding bright, sunny color to garden. These tall, fragrant flowers are perfect for the back of the border and will attract butterflies and songbirds. Everyone loves a sunny, summer day and everyone will love this new Echinacea ‘Summer Sun’ PPAF.


Echinacea purpurea ‘Green Jewel’

ech green jewel 1x1Look once you might miss this little jewel!

(Coneflower) Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’ PP18,678 is a fragrant green jewel that every garden must have! The large, green cone center is surrounded by soft green petals that stay true to their color as they age. Perfect for fresh cut or dried floral arrangements. ‘Green Jewel‘ PP18,678 was discovered by Piet Oudolf and introduced through Future Plants.


Filigree™ Clematis

clem filigre 1x1mass(Clematis) Filigree™ Clematis, a dwarf clematis, produces an abundance of flowers and it only reaches 12″ tall!clem filigree 1x1 It produces single and semi-double flowers with silvery-blue petals and softly ruffled edges. This dwarf Clematis is exceptionally free flowering from May-July. Filigreeis great for containers or as a mounding ground cover.


Lupinus x hybrida ‘Gallery Blue’

lupine purple 1x1I am so excited!!! My Favorite Spring flowers are now blooming. I LOVE Lupines. The tall spikes that are sent up add some much needed color to the spring gardens. I have shades of blue and shades of red all over my gardens. Lupine do have a tendency to seed so if you love this plant as much as I do, I let them go everywhere. But if you are into a neat tidy garden I recommend cutting the flowers off once they are spent.

(Lupine) Lupinus ‘Gallery Blue‘ features beautiful spires of blue flowers which display their intricate beauty in late spring through early summer. This classic American perennial is wonderful for cut flower arrangements and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies! ‘Gallery Blue‘ thrives in rich organic soil with good drainage.


Big Kiss™ Yellow Flame Gazania

gazinia 1x1

(Treasure Flower) Big Kiss™ Yellow Flame Gazinia has exciting color patterns that will create a hot spot in your gardens. The striped extra large, highly contrasted orange and yellow petals of Big Kiss™ Yellow Flame fan around the golden eye of the daisy-looking beauty. The blooms close at night and on days that are cloudy. Gazinias can be used in planters or plant them in mass in your annual gardens.