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Americana® Pink Geranium

ger am pink 1x1

(GeraniumAmericana® Pink Geranium is one of the best pink-colored Geraniums on the market. Like the other Americanas, Americana® Pink variety has excellent landscape performance and a well-branched plant structure. Geraniums make for great hanging baskets and combination planters. Dead head for continuous blooms and a nicer looking planters.


Rudbeckia ‘Tiger Eye’

rud tiger eye gold 1x1

(Black Eyed Susan) Rudbeckia ‘Tiger Eye’ is topped with petal-packed 3″ blossoms covering the plant in rich golden yellow. A significant improvement over other Rudbeckias in susceptibility to powdery mildew means the non-stop show lasts even longer in the garden bed. ‘Tiger Eye’ is heat, humidity, drought tolerant and has demonstrated increased longevity.


Digitalis ‘Candy Mountain’

dig candy mtn 1x1

(Foxglove) Digitalis ‘Candy Mountain’ is the first foxglove ever to have upward-facing flowers instead of the usual downward-facing ones! This unique feature allows you to view the beautifully speckled flower throats from above instead of having to get down on your knees to see their true beauty. In early summer, the ‘Candy Mountain’ rose pink flowers completely surround the strong flower spikes and make a dramatic look for the back of the border. This plant is a biennial.


Iris germanica ‘Tanzanian Tangerine’

iris taznian tangerine 1x1

(Iris-Tall Bearded) Iris ‘Tanzanian Tangerine’ is a very unique addition. Ruffled, peachy tan flowers have clear standards, but the falls are misted with a fine spray of red wine color. A subtle red wine picotee edge and orange beards complete the look. The colorful mix on ‘Tanzanian Tangerine‘ make this a great choice for your spring garden.

I give this a A+ for color!~ Heidi